Women’s Wellness Box


You’ve Only Got One Life! Find Something to Enjoy Everyday…

You’re busy. Maybe you have a job, go to school, have a family and are taking kids back forth to soccer practice. Or you between work, your volunteer time, and friends, you just feel exhausted. Somebody got you sick and it’s taking forever to get over… goodbye work and social life! Sometimes, it just never ends…

The thing is, we all have responsibilities, but how do some manage to live life that just seems to flow better? A life with not so much tension, rushing, worrying, and feeling exhausted? Is it possible? Well, we can’t take away your troubles, but we can sure as pie help you manage them (minus the pie) ;-)…

…And that’s why we’re here!

In your Women’s Wellness Box, we carefully choose products that address several aspects of wellness, including mind and body to help you enhance the best moments of your life and breathe through the not-so-best moments. We ship you products every month whose sole focus is to give your body and mind the nutrients and tools you need to enable them to do their very best job. You need a mind and body that will keep up with you and your life, and we’re here to help you have it.

Expect only the best, most highly researched products in wellness today, plus some other fun and practical stuff. You never know exactly what you’ll get, but it’ll always be high quality, naturally sourced, and it’ll always have a purpose you can put to good use to give your day a breather and give your body some well-deserved support.

So Why Not Treat Yourself?

With your monthly wellness box, we make it easy to live a life that much better. That’s what we call “Life Enhanced.”

See the description below for more details on what’s included…


For the Moments that Matter Most

Always included with your subscription:


  • Our specially designed Immune Energy, a natural supplement designed to keep your immune system and body working optimally, supporting more energy and wellness.
  • Something tasty and naturally made for your health, convenience and pleasure- grab and go healthy snacks for the man on the go.
  • Teas for a calm moment and health boost, to reduce stress, support digestion, and deliver anti-oxidants.
  • Other natural wellness items such as lotion, natural soap, and or essential oils.
  • Surprise Bonus! There will always be a surprise bonus that supports an aspect of wellness. Fun and practical.
  • Plus, a subscription to the exclusive monthly, PRINTED newsletter, “Wellness Advocate for Women” full of interviews and stories from today’s experts
  • Finally, a DAILY, 1 minute email full of inspiration and daily living tips to incorporate wellness into a busy woman’s life.


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