At Kindred Vine… we don’t like that feeling.

…And surely there’s a German word for a feeling like that. 🙂

What we do like though, is feeling that we have a handle on things. That our lives are are own, just as we want them, or at the very least, that when unpleasantness creeps in, we’re not washed overboard.

It starts slowly, maybe you’re just a bit tired, and your under-eye bags are getting darker. Or maybe you’re having other issues, like gaining weight, you have poor quality nails and hair, you have headaches, or your allergies are really acting up. Maybe you’re getting sick a lot and staying sick for longer. These things are manageable, but who wants to manage that? Why not get to the root of them and live in a way that truly allows you to live?

So instead, we say, why not manage all your afternoon energy, your dreams, hobbies and desires?

Why not manage the moments with your family that’ll never happen again? Why not live life fully?

A bit dramatic? Well, yes, probably, but it’s true, even if it’s a bit cliche and woo-wooey.

The point is, in between work, school, dinner, soccer games, and [insert any number of activities], we need the mental and physical health and stamina to not only keep up, but to feel fulfilled while doing it.

With Kindred Vine we had three goals:

  1.  Create a community of busy men and women each doing their best to make the most out of every new day.
  2. Support the mind and body with the right nourishment and care they need to perform optimally.
  3. Provide an opportunity for extra cash, and along with that, extra peace of mind. To join us, or to learn more about our community, click here.

For the Latest in Wellness, We Decided to “Go With the Flow”… Just Kidding. We Followed the Science, Of Course!

Our philosophy, based on what our research has taught us, is that when we give the body what it needs, the body can do its job better. Same for the mind. And we decided to start with the immune system. Each of our Wellness Boxes includes our signature product, Enhance, which focuses on supporting the immune system, the foundation of good health. Learn more about Enhance here.

Learn More About How & Why We Do Things Around Here…



We are a group of people who either have kids, work, enjoy Mexican food, love to ski and hike, read books, watch movies, and who are trying to not get sick, or all of the above. 🙂

We founded Kindred Vine because we know we NEED some more #WellnessMoments in our lives and we know others do too. We think of it like this…

What’s the cost of NOT, spending some time taking care our our minds and bodies? So… we make it easy and fun with our Kindred Vine Wellness Boxes!


People ask us how we came up with Kindred Vine, so here’s the story…

On a dark and stormy night… Um no, just kidding 🙂

The truth was, there was this nagging feeling for community, for giving, for bringing people together. We had recently read a book by Elizabeth, the book after Eat, Pray, Love and she talked about how communities are different in these modern days, especially for women. Women used to live in tribes and villages, taking care of each other, passing along tips, watching kids… life was a community effort. Kindred Vine was, years ago, originally an online attempt to bring people together and talk about how we manage life, share thoughts and experiences, and learn and grow together.

Now, the idea is much the same, except with a different format. We’re not just a blog anymore, we’re a more proactive community of both men and women. We still love the imagery of a vine that connects us through shared experience, but now we hope to make a difference in a new way in your everyday life… by increasing wellness with the Kindred Vine Wellness Boxes, our Wellness Advocate Newsletters, the Kindred Connect 2-minute emails, and a community where together we help other people and increase our income in the process. We hope to make you laugh, take a breathe, and support you in your everyday activities.

After all, life is made up of moments, better make them count!

Cheerfulness is the best promoter of health and is as friendly to the mind as to the body.     

Joseph Addison

A healthy outside starts from the inside.

Robert Urich